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This blood panel includes a collection of screenings commonly ordered at an annual physical to evaluate your general health. It measures the essentials including blood sugar, calcium, electrolytes, blood count and liver and kidney function.

Test Details

Sample Type: Blood

Age: 18+

Collection Method: In Person at Capital Diagnostics

Turn Around Time: 1 day from when your sample is taken

Preparation: No fasting is needed for this panel.

What's Included in this Package

How It Works

Provide Your Sample

Visit Capital Diagnostics for sample collection. An appointment is required.

Get Your Results

You will be notified through email that your results are ready. Follow the instruction on the email to view your results. For certain results that require prompt attention, you will also be contacted by phone.

About Us

We are a physician owned and operated laboratory specializing in Comprehensive Toxicological Urine Drug Testing and Molecular Diagnostic Testing for Respiratory Pathogens.